Hat trick for Highland Schools at Rock Challenge® finals

Thurso High School
Thurso High School - 2nd place 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish Open Final

Three Highland schools were successfully placed in the 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish J Rock™ and Scottish Open Finals last weekend.

Ben Wyvis Primary took 4th place with their performance of “Dare to Dream!” at Caird Hall in Dundee on Saturday 15 June when they enacted:

  • ‘Alexander Mackenzie moving to the unchartered wilderness of Canada from Stornoway as a young man. He dared to dream of reaching the Pacific Ocean over land using the river systems. With the help of friends and the Dene tribe he achieved his goal. The great Canadian river bears his name. He was knighted by King George III for his endeavours.’
2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish J Rock™

Ben Wyvis Primary - 4th place in 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish J Rock™

Tomnacross and Teanassie Primary Schools who also participated received various awards including the: Securigroup Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge® and the Rock Challenge® Award for Parental Involvement.

On Friday 14 June, in the 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish Open Final Thurso High School took 2nd place for their rendition of “Iolaire”

  • ‘1919. The HMY Iolaire was returning war heroes to Lewis on New Year’s Day. During the voyage, the ship struck the infamous rocks 'The Beasts of Holm.’ The boat was torn apart and sank. Those that survived clung to masts and ropes to endure the night. More than 200 people drowned, just yards from their home. We will remember them.’

And Alness Academy won 3rd place with “Redemption”

  • ‘Enslaved on a wasteland villagers scavenge, water is cruelly controlled by warlord Immortan Joe. Max, a prisoner, selflessly rescues Joe’s 5 mistreated wives. Close on their tail and enraged by betrayal is Joe and his war boys. Life is perilous; amid an ebbing sandstorm they are found. Can Max defy the odds and seek redemption for those tormented under Joe’s regime?
Alness Academy - 3rd place in 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish Open Final

Alness Academy - 3rd place in 2019 Rock Challenge® Scottish Open Final

Also participating from Highland were Invergordon Academy and Dingwall Academy who both received various participation awards.

Cllr John Finlayson, Chair of Highland Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee said: “What a fantastic result for Highland and to all the schools participating a huge congratulations and standing applause to all the pupils, teachers, parents and school communities who have helped to enable our young people to shine in the limelight. They are a credit to themselves, their schools, their communities and the Highlands.”


17 Jun 2019
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