Council to discuss ‘next steps’ in Climate Change actions

Four key actions being taken by The Highland Council following its declaration of a climate and ecological emergency in May 2019 will be discussed at a meeting of the Council next week on Thursday 27 June 2019.

One of the actions - a Climate Change Seminar for Councillors - is being organised for next Monday (24 June 2019). This event will provide Members with a detailed overview of the Council’s emissions reduction progress to date; the work currently being progressed; while highlighting some of the key challenges which will need to be addressed to achieve the Council’s climate change commitments.

Members will also be informed of a Climate Change Adaptation Workshop for Community Planning Partners held on 12th June 2019, which was led by Adaptation Scotland and Climate Ready Clyde.

Thirdly, Councillors will be informed of the Council’s intention to form a cross-party Climate Change Panel which will have full scrutiny of climate change efforts across the Council.  This Panel will have a key role in the development of a Highland residents’ opinion survey on where the Council’s key areas of focus should be, and how the Council can best work with communities in tackling climate change.

Once established it is proposed that the Climate Change Panel will review the Council’s Programme & Corporate Plan – the fourth key action – in recognition that both documents need revised to embed the Council’s enhanced commitments regarding its climate and ecological emergency declaration.

Leader of The Highland Council Cllr Margaret Davidson said: “I am looking forward to cross-party discussion next week on the Council’s Climate Change actions on what the next steps will be for the Council in reducing our corporate carbon footprint.

“The Council through, its Change Programme, is already working on staff travel, waste management and energy and renewables projects with a number of significant projects to follow which will support the aims of our climate and ecological emergency declaration.”

21 Jun 2019