Council to have public question time at future meetings

Highland Council has agreed to allow a question time for members of the public at future Council meetings.

The motion was presented by Depute Leader Cllr Alasdair Christie and means that from December 2019, Highland Council meetings will include a time allocation for questions from members of the public. This will allow each member of the public to ask one oral question per Council which must be notified in writing, one supplementary question will be allowed.

Below are the criteria for questions:

- No question will exceed 1 minute;

- The question must refer to an issue which affects the Highland Council area or falls within the Council's responsibilities;

- The question must not be substantially the same as a question which has been put at a meeting of the Council in the past 6 months;

- The question must not be defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive;

- The question must not require the disclosure of confidential or exempt information; and - The question must not refer to individual planning or licensing matters or any matter of a personal nature.

Cllr Christie said: “I am delighted that Council has today agreed this motion. Allowing the public to ask us questions will truly demonstrate that we are listening to the public, allowing them to become involved in Council business and will result in the Council being more connected to our communities.”

27 Jun 2019
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