​​​​​​​Highland pupils achieve excellent results.

Highland S4 pupils have recorded excellent levels of National 5 awards with 45% pupils in S5 achieving 5 National 5s – an increase of 6% since 2015 and an increase of 2.5 % compared to last year.

There has also been a significant increase (8%) in the number of passes in Higher English - 94% passed this year compared to 86% last year. Similarly there has also been an increase (5%) in the number of passes in Highland Maths - with 87% passed this year compared to 82% last year.

A dramatic decrease in the number of no awards at Higher (440 less no awards compared to last year) was also very welcoming.

A-grade awards at Higher have increased by 0.8 % and there is a 20% increase in 2019 of pupils attaining 5 A-grades compared to 2018. Overall the exam results in S5 are very strong.

Councillor John Finlayson, Chair of Highland Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee said:

“This is a fantastic result for Highland Council pupils who have attained excellent results in both National 5 and Higher courses which have been refined in recent years. The results are a real credit to the hard work of pupils, staff and the support of parents and carers. Well done to everyone for all their hard work and effort. It is super to see Highland pupils continue to achieve better results year upon year resulting in a very positive attainment trend.

“I am also very pleased that 93% of pupils received an award and that there are fewer pupils receiving no award. This is very positive as our ambition is to reach a position in which we have no pupils in a no awards situation. Well done to all and remember if you didn’t get what you expected, help and advice is at hand from organisations like Skills Development Scotland on their hotline 0808 100 8000, website and social media.”

Results have shown that there are more young people in the Highlands achieving A - C passes in S4 at National 5 with 8997 awards this year at National 5 compared to 8829 last year.

Nearly 350 pupils achieved 5 Higher passes with 18% of pupils in S5 achieving 5 Highers - the highest level ever achieved and an increase of 2.4 % compared to last year.

All Maths and English pass rates are significantly better this year at Higher and National 5 and the Council is very pleased to see a significant improvement in the attainment of young people from the most deprived backgrounds in 2019 compared to 2018 with:

  • 9 % increase in Higher passes for these pupils compared to 6% for all pupils
  • 12% increase in Higher English passes for these pupils compared to 8% for all pupils
  • 8% increase in Higher Maths passes for these pupils compared to 4% for all pupils.

Donna Manson, Highland Council’s Chief Executive said: “Analysis of our exam results are ongoing as national and comparator trend data comes through. As an ambitious Council we will be carrying out a lessons-learned-approach both in terms of what has been successful this year and what we can improve upon both at Council and school level. Initial expectation is to praise, celebrate and support pupils with their next steps.

“Help is at hand for anyone looking for advice – pupils, parents and carers can phone the Skills Development Scotland hotline on 0808 100 8000. Results information and advice is also available on Scotland’s careers website My World of Work at myworldofwork.co.uk/examresults which has practical help and links to UCAS, SAAS,  Young Scot and the SQA. To get in touch with the SDS helpline via social media go to My World of Work on Facebook at facebook.com/myworldofwork or Twitter at twitter.com/mywowscotland.

Nairn Academy Parent Council are also today (Tuesday 6 August, 2019) celebrating all academic achievement and pupil success through a results day celebration. This event is recognition of all academic achievement and success of every pupil at Nairn Academy, not only those who have excelled academically, but of all the school's young people and the improvements they have made individually in whatever measure that may be.

Alan Bruce, Acting Head Teacher, Nairn Academy said: "I am immensely proud of our young people and today their hard work, perseverance and resilience is being rewarded. Their exam success is the next step in their journey towards a bright future. 

"Our school motto is 'together we will succeed' and over the last year all staff have worked hard to ensure we provide the best possible experience for our young people and I would like to personally thank them for their commitment."

Claire McGonigal, Head Teacher of Grantown Grammar School is delighted to celebrate the news of three Grantown pupils’ exam results, she said:

“We’ve had a bumper crop of results this year, at all levels at Grantown Grammar School, and I am absolutely delighted.  I am extremely proud of all our pupils’ achievements and for our staff to see their hard work bear very positive results.

“I am also pleased to share the excellent achievements of Craig Henderson, Nathan Macdonald and Katrina McGougan as follows:

  • Craig Henderson is an S6 leaver who has worked incredibly hard over the past 6 years to overcome his hatred and fear of exams with huge support from staff and family to achieve an amazing A in Advanced Higher Art.  Art is his passion and although he has also achieved Unit passes and course awards at mainly National 3 and 4 Level in other subjects, he is heading to Inverness College to study Art and Design in September.  We’re looking forward to seeing his manga cartoons on sale in the future!
  • Nathan Macdonald is leaving at the end of his fifth year.  Nathan is a very practical and reliable young man who has gained qualifications in a range of subjects including Metalwork, Hospitality and Woodwork but more importantly has consistently demonstrated his creativity, problem solving and work ethic through his can-do attitude at school.  He built large parts of the school set, decorations for Prom, Mrs McGonigal’s life size gingerbread house, carried out many school repairs and supported his fellow pupils with their practical work with humour and patience whilst being a dedicated shepherd outside of school.  Nathan is going to SRUC Aberdeen to study Agriculture.
  • Katrina McGougan is a very hard-working young woman who is going to study Medicine at Edinburgh University having achieved all A-grades throughout her time at school.   This year she gained As in Advanced Higher Biology, Advanced Higher Chemistry, Higher Graphic Communication and Higher PE to add to her previous 5 As at National 5 and 6 As at Higher.  This is in addition to competing at a National level in orienteering.

“I wish Craig, Nathan and Katrina and all our school leavers all the very best in the future.”


6 Aug 2019
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