Council’s Capital Investment in Caithness

During today’s Caithness Committee (Tuesday 27 August) Members had the opportunity to review progress of the capital programme for the area and scrutinise the amount of money spent to date.

The current year’s capital investment allocation for projects in the Caithness area is £4,210,000.

Included in the programme is a project to refurbish Keiss Nursery with work now started on site and expected to be completed early 2020.

An allocation from the capital funding is being used for the ongoing study to establish a preferred option for the alleviation of flooding in Thurso. The Council expects to have an Options Appraisal Report available by December for consideration by SEPA.

Members were also updated on the delivery of the area Roads Maintenance Programme which has a capital allocation of £559,000 for surface dressings, structural works and general improvements.

A progress report on the capital investment for council housing was also given to the committee. £150,000 has been ring-fenced for equipment and adaptations and survey work is currently underway for a £368,000 project to replace the worst windows and doors on council homes in Caithness, with work expected to start in January. A further £580,000 has been allocated for heating improvements in homes,  and £500,000 for kitchen and bathroom replacement works.

Chair of the Committee Councillor Matthew Reiss said: “This £4 million pound plus programme delivers significant investment in projects across Caithness to improve our schools, roads, bridges, and housing as well as the establishment of a flood alleviation scheme for Thurso. We need to make sure that our capital allocation is managed well to bring real benefits to the communities we represent so I am pleased our committee had this opportunity today to review the capital programme.”


27 Aug 2019
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