Sleat welcomes new build nursery

Following extensive consultation with parents and local communities Councillors agreed today that a new nursery unit to accommodate both English and Gaelic Medium in Sleat should be built as part of the roll out of the 1140 hours early years education programme. 

Over the past year, a working group has considered a range of options for what new ELC provision could look like for Bun-sgoil Shlèite as from August 2020 the requirement is for nurseries to operate full-day sessions.

The decision to build a new Sleat nursery unit has been identified as a Council priority and will see the creation of suitable accommodation necessary to fully support the expanded ELC service. This will include two rooms, one for the Gaelic Medium class and one for the English Medium class.

It is expected that a further £250,000 will be allocated from the School Estate Investment Programme capital budget for the formation of a new car park and associated works to improve safety and security at the site, along with minor improvements to the former school house now used as a classroom/teaching space.  These improvement works will be undertaken with the Bun-Sgoil Shlèite community in order to improve community relations and seek greater collaboration.

Cllr John Finlayson, Chair of the Care, Learning and Housing Committee said: “I have been involved in many discussions about the configuration of Sleat Primary School over the last few months and a decision of this nature is not straight forward.  Having taken into account the feedback received from parents, carers, staff and the community it has been determined by Highland Council that the greatest positive impact would be achieved from building a new nursery unit to accommodate both the English and Gaelic Medium Early Years Departments. This decision will achieve the greatest level of inclusion while at the same time preserving the immersion principles that support Gaelic Medium Education. This decision will also ensure that all children equally benefit from the new provision and other upgrades to the carpark and facilities.”

28 Aug 2019
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