Longman Junction plans welcomed by City Councillors

Transport Scotland’s plans for the A9/A82 Trunk Roads Longman Junction improvement scheme have been welcomed by Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee.

Councillors have endorsed The Highland Council’s response to Transport Scotland’s recent consultation that was held over the summer on their preferred ‘Option 1’ which:

“…involves the grade separation of the A9 passing over the A82 and Stadium Road. The junction slip roads will form a diamond layout ending at an enlarged roundabout with connections to the A82 and Stadium Road. The roundabout would be fully signal-controlled with three lanes on the circulatory carriageway. Non-Motorised User (NMU) routes are incorporated into the junction and would feature signalised crossings between Inverness city centre and Stadium Road. These would connect into the existing NMU paths on the A9, A82, Stadium Road and National Cycle Network (Route 1).”

Provost of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael said: “While we recognise the strategic importance of this key Trunk Road improvement and endorse the Council’s support for this project, we are particularly keen to learn how it will complement the Council’s ambitions for the Longman Landfill Site redevelopment; improve active travel within Inverness; and what Transport Scotland’s mitigation plans will be to avoid any possible local congestion during any future construction.

“We look forward to receiving further updates and information on the progress of the A9/A82 Longman Junction Improvement scheme and its scope within the Inverness and Highland City-Region Deal.”

29 Aug 2019
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