Castle banks to receive remote controlled makeover

A remote-controlled grass mower is to be purchased by The Highland Council for the maintenance of steep embankments on the north side of Inverness Castle and the banks of the River Ness.

The introduction of the remote-controlled machine will allow the Council to continue to provide a visually attractive area at the heart of the City for locals and visitors while improving the Council’s health and safety of its workforce and reducing the council’s reliance on hiring sub-contractors and their specialist machinery.

Councillors have approved purchase of the machinery at a cost of £40,000 and, as there are added benefits for the City, together with a contribution of £20,000 from the Inverness Common Good Fund.

Provost of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael said: “Inverness Castle and the River Ness are key attractions that draw visitors to the City. It’s important that we ensure that these key amenity locations are maintained to a high standard. We all see tourists standing on Ness Bridge every day photographing the Castle and its north banks and the riverside. This is a small investment to ensure that global image portrayed around the world looks at its best.”

29 Aug 2019
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