Changes to landlord registration requirements

The Private Landlord Registration (Information) (Scotland) (Regulations) 2019 are due to come into force at 9am on Monday 16th September.

These regulations will require landlords to answer a maximum of 12 new questions as part of the new application and renewal process.  These questions relate to the following obligations:

  • Tolerable and Repairing Standards
  • Gas safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Electrical appliance test
  • Fire, smoke and heat detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Private water supply (where applicable)
  • Energy performance
  • Legionella risk assessment
  • Rental property insurance and Common repairs
  • Tenancy deposits

Please note that these are not new duties for landlords and therefore this change should have a minimal impact on those who already meet the existing standards.

The new questions will only apply to applications received by The Highland Council on or after 9am on Monday 16th September.  This will include new applications and those that are renewing at the end of their 3 year registration period.

Online applications

The additional questions will be in place on the online form at 9am on Monday 16th September  

We encourage all applicants to apply online.  Using the online process gives you the ability to view and update your registration details when you need to and also allows you to view your expiry date.

Paper applications

The Scottish Government is developing a new paper application form which will include the prescribed information questions.  They will also produce an addendum with the prescribed information questions for use when an old style paper application is received after Monday 16th September.

Any paper applications received that do not provide the details for the new prescribed information will not be able to be processed until this information has been received.

Further information

In addition, from 9am on Monday 16 September, there will be a requirement for applicants for both new and renewal applications to provide a contact telephone number in the landlord register under The Private Registration (Information) (Scotland) Regulations 2019.  Previously this was optional information.


9 Sep 2019