Parking enforcement and temporary relocation of taxi rank on Station Lane, Inverness

Temporary Traffic Order Notice Image for Station Lane Inverness
Temporary Traffic Order Notice Image for Station Lane Inverness

Motorists are being advised to adhere to the parking signs and lines on Station Lane, Inverness which are located at the rear of Inverness Train Station and the Eastgate Centre.

The Council has introduced a temporary traffic order which:

  • Controls permit holder parking;
  • prohibits waiting at all times at the roundabout at the station rear entrance;
  • limited waiting 20 minutes, and no return within 1 hour within designated parking bays; and
  • no waiting and no loading at any time from Station Lane to its junction with Millburn Road.

The traffic order has been made by The Highland Council to restrict traffic in the interests of public safety and at the request of Network Rail and the Eastgate Centre.

The effect of the Order is to temporarily introduce waiting and loading restrictions and parking permit requirements from the 4th September 2019 until the 1st December 2020 on the length of Station Lane Inverness from its junction with Millburn Road westwards to a point in line with the North-eastern gable of the Royal Hotel for 302 metres or thereby. The purpose of this Order is to ensure the safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

The Council is also notifying people that taxi ranks on Academy Street will be relocated to Station Lane temporarily during resurfacing works on Academy Street. The works start on Sunday 13th October 2019 and are expected to run until Friday 18th October. During the taxi ranks’ relocation – public parking will be suspended on Station Lane.

Details of the Academy Street closure for re-surfacing are on the Council's website at this link.

9 Oct 2019
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