School to be decided for air quality improvement project

Highland Councillors have agreed for the Council’s Road Safety and Environmental Health Officers to develop a pilot project on air quality improvement at a school in the region.

Members suggestions for a ‘willing and appropriate’ school will be submitted for officers’ decision on the most appropriate school where a pilot will be held.

Councillor John Finlayson, Chair of the Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee said:

“There is a clear link to our Climate Change Team on this work which will link in directly with the Council’s Climate Change Declaration. We all have a responsibility along with parents, communities and schools to ensure that our children get to and from school safely not just by car but by many other means of walking, cycling and public transport.

“The project will help inform how we move forward with changing habits, and educating people on how to reduce pollution around our schools.”

Members welcomed the work already being undertaken by the Council to improve air quality in the Highlands and specifically at schools and noted the continued promotion of the resources available to schools to enable cycling, walking and Safer Streets projects.

The Council’s Environmental Health team will further promote awareness of measures that can be taken by the public and businesses to improve air quality and, where resources permit, undertake projects aimed at reducing idling vehicles at schools.

In Highland, the Council is following the Scottish Government’s Cleaner air for Scotland strategy, and the legal requirements Local Air Quality Management as set out in the Environment Act 1995. The duties around air quality fully support the Council’s programme and priorities to make the Highlands a healthier region and a place to thrive.

10 Oct 2019
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