NHS Highland takes emergency steps to protect residents at local Independent Care Home

Issued by NHS Highland

NHS Highland announced today (23 October 2019)  that it is taking urgent action in order to safeguard residents at a local independent care home. 

The decision follows notification received from the Care Inspectorate of its intention to take urgent enforcement action against independently managed Elmgrove Care Home, by lodging an application for emergency cancellation of registration.  The move comes as a result of concerns raised about residents’ safety and quality of care.

The health board has taken the decision to withdraw its contract with the care home provider and is urgently seeking to place all 24 residents to a safer alternative environment.

Simon Steer, Interim Director of Adult Social Care said: “Emergency measures are being put in place and residents, their families and carers have been advised of the situation.  As a board our priority is the safety and welfare of the residents of Elmgrove.  We are working closely with the Care Inspectorate, Fire Service and other partners to provide staffing and other supports that may be required to ensure resident safety and welfare, whilst we urgently progress alternative care arrangements.”

23 Oct 2019
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