Dornoch Academy benefits from new eco lights

pixThe Highland Council’s Salix recycling fund is lighting up schools across the Highlands, and the students attending Dornoch Academy are the first of many to benefit.

This upgrade was made possible thanks to funding from Salix Finance, an independent, government-funded organisation that provides interest-free loans to the public sector for energy efficiency projects. The council utilised Salix’s Recycling Fund (RF) - a ring-fenced pot of money held by the local authority, which is created with capital provided by Scottish Government through Salix, and equally matched by the local authority.

The Council currently operates a £7m recycling fund (£3.5m investment provided by the council and £3.5m match funding provided by Salix Finance), which is the largest award ever made in Scotland. This fund will allow the Council to have a long term investment in improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and utilise numerous energy efficiency technologies.

By updating the lighting at Dornoch Academy to use LEDs over incandescent bulbs the energy consumption of the lighting will be reduced by 90% and will significantly reduce the amount of CO² emitted by an estimated 1,600 tonnes per annum. The energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting will be low maintenance and have a longer lifespan than existing lighting.

LED lighting brings not only energy savings, but, has also been shown to improve the learning environment for both staff and pupils. The Highland Council has surveyed over 125 schools all over the Highlands and hopes to upgrade as many as feasibly possible.

The Highland Council’s Chair of the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson said: “This change to more eco friendly lighting in our schools demonstrates The Highland Council’s commitment to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and shows the Council is a forerunner in terms of reducing the region’s climate change impact to support both national and global emissions reduction targets.”



28 Oct 2019