​​​​​​​Councillors welcome approach to delivering city sports provision

An approach to the delivery of strategic sports facilities at two locations in Inverness - on the east and west of the city - has been unanimously endorsed today by Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee.

The locations at Torvean and Inverness Campus have already been earmarked through the Council's Development Plan for the development of strategic sports facilities seen as being vital to support new and future residents. Members today approved £275,000 of funding from developer contributions towards their delivery.

Councillors agreed funding of £25,000 from developer contributions towards the delivery of ‘Torvean Park’. The opening of this new park is aimed at coinciding with completion of the second stage of the new West Link road and canal bridge. It proposes a new leisure, tourism and recreation destination, south of the A82 and informal park on land to the east of the realigned General Booth Road.

It is hoped that the park and path network will attract people into the area from surrounding communities for walking and cycling on traffic-free routes and will help to promote healthy lifestyles. Of note is the potential to provide a permanent base for the Inverness Parkrun.

Half the estimated £50,000 cost of delivering the new park will be provided from Carbon Clever Active Travel Funding and the remaining 50% sourced from developer contributions with the Members’ agreement today.

Councillors also agreed, in principle, to the funding of £250,000 towards the delivery a new sports pitch at the Inverness Campus. This proposal is aimed at providing an essential community facility with discussions proposed with partners to confirm community use arrangements and compatibility with the aspirations of groups including Craig Dunain Rugby Club.

Viewed as meeting the requirements of the Council’s Inverness East Development Brief, the estimated £900,000 sports pitch would provide a shared facility between Inverness College and associated UHI groups, the local community and local sport clubs. The UHI Board has already committed £250,000 towards its delivery and further funding opportunities are being investigated by Inverness College / UHI and the project board.

21 Nov 2019