Guidance for parents aims to ‘provide best start for young people across Highland’

New guidance for parents and carers who wish to apply for deferred or early entry to Highland schools for their children has been approved (subject to some additional conditions agreed) by Members of The Highland Council’s Care, Learning and Housing Committee.

The guidance is helping to deliver the Council’s Programme priority to ‘expand early years provision and provide the best start for young people across Highland’.

The document, ‘Guidance on being educated out-with the peer group including deferred and early entry to school’ will now be adopted by the Council’s Education Service.

Parents and carers who wish to apply for deferred entry, or early entry of their child (or children) to a school in Highland will be directed to the new guidance for their information and direction on the processes required for application.

Nicky Grant, Interim Head of Education said:

“Parents are best placed to know their young children’s needs and capabilities and we will work with them using the guidance to support them in their decisions.

“The guidance details an agreed process for parents and staff to follow when consideration is being given to a pupil being educated outwith their peer group.

“Applications for deferred or early entry to school can sometimes be complex and contentious and the agreed guidance will help direct all those involved in young people’s education in the region.”

5 Dec 2019
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