Roads maintenance programme agreed by members of Nairnshire Area Committee

Members have approved the 2020/21 Roads Maintenance Programme for the Nairnshire area.

The programme is based on the current priorities but may of course be subject to change.

The Community and Place Committee local allocations budget has not yet been determined so the roads maintenance programme is based on the 2019/20 budget. Should the budget change then the programme will either be curtailed or increased as appropriate.

£442,938 is in the revenue budget and will include winter allocation of £114,283; cyclic maintenance of £290,294; £8,859 on drainage; spray injection of £4,481; gully emptying at £13,490 and bridge maintenance of £11,532.

Capital works scheduled include structural overlay/inlay of £135,164 and surface dressing at £87,054.

Some examples of the roads which will be included in the 2020/21 Roads Maintenance Programme for 2020/21 are:

Surface dressing on the U3010 Granny Barbours Road and the U3114 Meikleburn Road; The re-profiling of the C1154 Cawdor Castle Road/B9090 junction – drainage and overlay; Road widening on the B9090 Cairnglass to Clephanton road, the B9090 Cawdor to Budgate road and the B9090 Hedges to Howford road.

The programme also sets to address patching on the U3208 Daless road, Drynachan and surface dressing on the C1172/U2997 Bogside of Boath – Millhill road.

The Nairnshire Area roads maintenance programme has been approved by local councillors pending confirmation of the Council’s Community and Place Committee budget allocations for the area.

The indicative programme is based on current engineering and safety priories and may alter if significant events impact priorities and resources.

After today's meeting (Wednesday 11 March) Nairnshire Area Committee chair, Cllr Tom Heggie, said: “We understand our communities want us to prioritise investment in our roads in Nairnshire.

“Local members are committed to ensuring we have the best possible roads within the available resources.”

11 Mar 2020