Highland Council help for hospitality and tourism workers affected by COVID19 crisis

The Highland Council is urging those from the hospitality and tourism sector who have been adversely affected by the coronavirus crisis to get in touch for support. 

The Highlands has a large seasonal workforce, many living in tied accommodation provided by their employer. 

The local authority is aware there may be individuals who have lost employment and potentially accommodation following decisions made by some businesses. 

Housing staff and the Department of Work and Pensions have already said they will assist the Council where appropriate. Local community centres, hotels and hostels have also said they would assist with accommodation and food where necessary. 

Convenor of The Highland Council Bill Lobban said: “We realise that many employers are economically affected by the Coronavirus and are having to make very difficult decisions about their businesses. We would urge any employer with staff in tied housing to contact us if they do not think they can sustain tied tenancies. That will allow our housing and welfare benefit staff to discuss housing options and avoid unnecessary homelessness. It will also allow us to ensure the welfare of people affected.”

 For further information from The Highland Council please telephone 01349 886606. Information is also available on our website https://www.highland.gov.uk/info/997/housing_advice/245/homelessness



20 Mar 2020