Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tells people to stay at home

We are now in effect in a lockdown. Everybody is being told that it is essential to stay at home from tonight to help halt the spread of coronavirus, ease the burden on the NHS and save lives.

Nicola Sturgeon said the only permissable reasons to leave your home are:

  • to shop for basic necessities and limit that to once a day
  • to take exercise - once a day - but alone or with your own household
  • for medical reasons or to care for a vulnerable person
  • to travel to essential work if that cannot be done at home.

To support this and ensure compliance:

  • all non essential shops will be required to close
  • libraries, communal places within parks and places of worship must close
  • social events must not take place - weddings and christenings.
  • funerals are restricted to immediate family only
  • gatherings of more than two people will be prohibited, unless part of a household or related to essential work.
24 Mar 2020