Stay at home guidance – parks, open spaces and public toilets

During this time of restrictions it is important that we all stay active, for our physical health and mental well being.
Recreation outside is an important element of this, but  it is essential that each of us practice good social distancing while outside.

You should not travel to access the outdoors, and your time spent outside exercising should be done close to your home rather than travelling elsewhere. 
Highland Council playground equipment is currently closed until further notice.  This decision was taken to reduce the potential for transference of the virus from surfaces.  As the playgrounds are closed, the equipment is no longer subject to safety inspections.
If you live close to a play park, the open space is still available to you, but please do not allow young ones to play on the equipment.  Please also observe social distancing as guided by government.  
Highland’s landscape and natural beauty are exceptional, and facilities, including our public parks, are there to help residents and visitors enjoy these benefits.  However, during this unprecedented time, these facilities are essentially “out of bounds” to anyone who does not live within short walking distance.  Please do not travel to these locations.  Once the current restrictions are lifted we will welcome you back with open arms, but at the moment we ask that you comply with the national guidance and stay at home. 
It has also been necessary to close all Highland Council-run public toilets throughout our communities for public safety, including play and public parks, so please be aware of that as you plan your activities out of doors and close to home.
Your help and understanding is essential at this challenging time.  It is only by us all working together, following Government advice, that we can defeat this, save lives and protect the NHS.

31 Mar 2020