Council Leader and Convenor say “Thank You” to volunteers

As the ten community hubs set up across the Highlands continue to be busy co-ordinating and providing support to people in need, the Convenor of The Highland Council is keen to pay tribute to all the volunteers working in them.

Cllr Bill Lobban said: “Council staff and volunteers from our partner organisations are working alongside community groups to provide this invaluable local support. The response from people wanting to help has been incredible. This includes 124 High Life Highland staff who are rolling up their sleeves and volunteering alongside our staff across all the hubs to deliver assistance to those most in need. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work. Their support is invaluable to communities across the Highlands.

“Over 40 High Life Highland staff have also volunteered to help at the newly established key worker childcare hubs and they have joined council staff volunteers in developing a wide range of activities and support for the children of key workers.  Their enthusiasm, ideas and energy have contributed to the creation of a really positive team dynamic.”

His praise is shared with those of the Council Leader Margaret Davidson who last week thanked volunteer staff from Eden Court who have been helping to answer thousands of calls coming in on the Council’s busy Covid-19 help-line.

Reiterating her thanks to all council staff and staff from Eden Court and High Life Highland she added: “What more can I say than a massive 'thank-you- to everyone volunteering and providing support. Their selflessness and determination to come together at a time of acute need is quite incredible.

“It’s fair to say that every element of normal life has been affected in some way by this devastating virus but seeing the “can do” spirit and the dedication demonstrated by our own staff and those from High Life Highland and Eden Court has been extremely heartening and underlines the compassionate and caring approach of people in Highland.”

Ian Ross, Chair of High Life Highland said, “High Life Highland has a history of a strong and effective relationship with Highland Council, but the recent unprecedented times have further strengthened this key partnership and allowed us to work closely with The Highland Council in delivering for communities across the Highlands.

“I am very proud of all the High Life Highland staff involved who are volunteering in communities while on furlough leave, using their skills and local knowledge from their day-jobs to help those most in need.

“I would like to join The Highland Council’s Convenor and the Leader to add my personal thanks to the HLH volunteers for the important contribution they are making to The Highland Council’s community support effort during these times.”

14 May 2020