£56m COVID-19 Business Grants awarded in Highland

The COVID-19 small business and self-catering grant scheme, set up to help companies stay in business during the coronavirus crisis, has now paid out £56,286,250 million to 5135 Highland businesses.

The Highland Council's Head of Development and Regeneration, Allan Maguire, said: "We now are processing applications and approving payment within days of a business submitting a complete online application form and its accompanying evidence.

“We have around 100 businesses who have applied for grant but for whatever reason have been unable to attach the right evidence. We have asked them to promptly get the required information back to us, so we can complete the assessment of their application and get the grant paid to them”.

Based on estimates when the Scottish Government first launched and asked the Council to deliver this scheme, uptake of the grant has been lower than expected.

Cllr Trish Robertson, Chair of The Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure Committee said: “This is a very challenging time for businesses and we are concerned that there are some in Highland who may be eligible for the grant but who have not yet applied. We are keen to ensure that that as many Highland businesses as possible who qualify for the grant, apply for and benefit from it. I therefore urge business owners to go to the Council’s website and follow the links to the guidance and application form.”



25 May 2020