Council’s Garden Aid Service to start

The Highland Council’s Housing Service currently operates an annual garden aid scheme,cutting grass in approximately 1,300 council house gardens. 

The Garden Aid service is for older or disabled tenants who don’t have anyone to help them cut their grass. 

The seasonal annual start of the 2020 Garden Aid service has been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but the Council is pleased to announce that it plans to restart the service from Monday 1 June. 

Chair of the Council's Housing and Property Committee, Councillor Ben Thompson said: “Health and safety is our number one priority, so the decision was made to delay this years’ cutting season. We have now taken on board updated Government advice, so are making arrangements to start up the 2020 service from next Monday.

“Over the last week housing staff have telephoned over 700 tenants to find out whether they are happy for us to cut their grass in line with the current guidance and protective measures. During these phone calls tenants have been advised that they can opt-out of the next few cuts if they wish to do so. So far no one has opted out and tenants have been very supportive of our approach.”

The Council has contacted contractors to advise them that they will be able to start work from next Monday. The plan will be that they attempt to carry out two cuts per month as normal for the remainder of the season, accepting that there may be a longer than usual delay between the first and second cut due to gardens taking longer to cut than normal. 

Cllr Thompson added: “The contractors will adhere to the Government guidelines regarding social distancing and safe working practices. We would like to thank all our Garden Aid tenants for their patience and understanding.” 

In anyone has any queries regarding Garden Aid then they are asked to contact Housing Services on 01349 886602.


26 May 2020