Council Chief Executive highlights importance of a 'clear simple message'


Chief Executive of The Highland Council, Donna Manson was invited to give evidence at the Scottish Parliament’s COVID-19 Committee on Wednesday 17 June.

Mrs Manson’s advice to the Committee was the importance of a clear and simple national message during the COVID-19 emergency.

Mrs Manson said: “We have been having member briefings every week and listening to the very different issues and anxieties from one part of Highland to another. There has been positivity around the simple messaging that’s been coming out on a daily basis and the one thing that has come back from all of our communities is the importance of having a simple message for everyone to follow.

“We really feel that an inclusive message for the long-term future is really important and that national message in communities has kept everyone safe and it’s kept everybody together.”

Cllr Margaret Davidson added: “Tourism is a vital part of our infrastructure and our employment levels in remote and rural areas. We need to welcome back many people that we’ve lost over the last year or the reality will be that many small enterprises and services in the Highlands won’t be able to function because we won’t have the staff.

“I hope Highland Council’ s evidence to the Covid 19 committee will help to inform decision making about how Scotland should gradually and safely release from lockdown.

“We are closely monitoring the latest guidance emerging as we hope to move into Phase Two of the Route-map and we look forward to supporting our communities and businesses in preparing safely for the time we can get our economy going and welcome visitors back to the Highlands.”

The committee can be viewed on the Scottish Parliament’s website:

18 Jun 2020