Temporary changes to improve safety on city roads

Like in other parts of Scotland, The Highland Council is adapting local streets and public spaces to make it easier and safer for people to access shops, workplaces and other services, whilst maintaining physical distancing. This includes making it easier for people to walk and cycle safely and ensuring there is adequate space to allow them to do so.

The Council has just published a number of temporary traffic orders to improve the safety of cyclists and pedestrians as they travel around the city of Inverness. These include the introduction of a temporary 20 mph speed limit on various roads around the Crown area, a temporary one-way traffic and weight restriction at Inverness Castle and a temporary one-way traffic and cycle contraflow on Ness Walk – Bught Road.

All details are published on the Council’s website www.highland.gov.uk on the consultation portal https://consult.highland.gov.uk/kse/event/35394

In addition to the traffic orders the Council is also working on traffic management on Millburn Road and Academy Street as part of the Spaces for People programme in Inverness. Details of this work will be promoted when plans are finalised.

24 Jun 2020