Learning During Lockdown II - the pupil's perspective


Highland Council has produced a new video which shines a spotlight on how children across the region have been able to continue learning during lockdown.

Last month the Council produced a video 'Learning During Lockdown' to highlight how teachers were able to continue to deliver education despite the closure of school across the UK.

The new video looks at what learning during lockdown has meant for Highland's school pupils and how new technology and support from teachers has been enhancing digital literacy.

This short film, 'Learning During Lockdown II - what does learning at home look like?' looks at what life is like for pupils throughout Highland ahead of the proposed return to full time education on 11 August.

Chair of Highland Council's Education Committee, Cllr John Finlayson, said: "Learning during Lockdown, as we all appreciate, has been new and in some cases challenging, but it has also been innovative and rewarding many different ways.

"I would like to thank pupils, parents and especially school staff, for all their hard work and creativity which even after schools return to full time education, will I am sure leave a lasting legacy in terms of what learning will look like in the future.”

The film can be viewed on YouTube.

25 Jun 2020