Highland Council’s Leader Supports Scottish Government’s Call For Greater Fiscal Flexibility

The Leader of the Highland Council has given her strong support to the efforts of the Scottish Government to obtain greater fiscal flexibility from the UK Government. The Scottish Government have sought flexibility to offset  capital underspend against resource expenditure, more flexibility over resource  borrowing and greater flexibility over the use of the reserve for capital

Commenting on the proposals put forward by the Scottish Government, she said:

The Cabinet Secretary for Finance is presenting a well-reasoned case to help us all recover from this pandemic.  These requests to the UK Government for financial flexibility are timely and sensible. This is not about politics or constitutional debate, it’s about helping to save jobs, protect our public services and recover from this pandemic and I hope she receives a swift response.

"In Highland we are seeking flexibility from the Treasury to ease the impact of loan repayments on our budget and will be writing to the Chief Secretary to the Treasury this week.


6 Jul 2020