‘Remarkable’ survey response highlights ‘exemplary’ Council staff response to COVID-19

Members of The Highland Council will hear in a report to the meeting of the Council next Thursday (30th July) of a ‘remarkable’ response to an Employee Engagement Wellbeing Survey which was held during coronavirus lockdown.

Leader of The Highland Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson said: “I warmly commend Highland Council staff for the amazing response that they have provided in supporting our communities over the past three months. 

“The report that will be brought before Councillors next week will highlight a very impressive response rate of 44% to the survey that staff took part in during a very difficult and busy time – that is higher than any previous survey response rates.

“Staff have shown that they have risen to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic in an exemplary manner.”

The aims of the survey were to: carry out a welfare check of all employees; check the effectiveness of corporate communication; check levels of confidence in the Council’s leadership approach; to understand barriers to effective home working; and to capture lessons learned both positive and negative.

High proportions of employees agreed or strongly agreed in the survey that during the pandemic they:

  • have been kept up to date and feel well informed regarding the Council’s response (74%).
  • know where to find updated information on their working arrangements (64%).
  • know who to talk to if they need support (80%).
  • know what they need to do to keep safe and healthy during COVID-19 (94%).
  • know where to access advice on mental health issues (90%).

Employees also responded that they were most pleased with how colleagues had demonstrated flexibility in the way they get the job done; while showing caring attitudes to themselves and others.

Members will discuss next week the survey findings of the Employee Engagement Wellbeing Survey and a proposed engagement strategy and will be asked to agree to report action plans on the survey findings to the Council’s next Highland Council Committee.

23 Jul 2020