Highland welcomes responsible campers but urges ‘leave no trace’

http://outdooraccess-scotland.scot #NatureScot #staysafe
http://outdooraccess-scotland.scot #NatureScot #staysafe

The Leader of The Highland Council is putting a call out to all campers visiting the Highlands of Scotland while urging them to respect the beautiful environment they are visiting.

Council Leader, Cllr Margaret Davidson said: “Tourism is the backbone of our economy and we are delighted that the Highlands are Scotland’s number 1 destination with people wanting to experience our scenery, landscapes, coastline and open space following months of lockdown. We extend a warm Highland welcome to our visitors - as we need them as much as they need their holidays.

“The Scottish Government has this week on 22nd July issued the latest guidance on their route map to recovery. As lockdown restrictions have eased, we have sadly seen a massive recent upsurge of people driving to beauty hotspots in our region and camping overnight in car parks, laybys, on beaches and on public and private land and leaving litter and human waste regardless with cars blocking rural roads.

“We are issuing this plea to our visitors. Welcome to Highland; it is like nowhere else on earth, but please do not leave litter, please be considerate to local residents, please don’t light fires and please, please, do not leave human waste!  We really want you to enjoy your time here and wish to welcome you back again. Help us keep the Highlands clean and safe.

“Highland Council is working with Police, and local partners in some areas to try to address these issues but we urge visitors to book ahead and do not travel if you do not have appropriate accommodation planned for camping whether it is by tent or by motorhome."

Government advice is to book in advance, and to plan out your trip well ahead of time, particularly if visiting multiple locations and to follow the guidance set out in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

23 Jul 2020