Recovery and work of responders highlighted at Inverness Committee

The recovery of Inverness city and area and recognising the excellent work of staff and volunteers were key on the agenda of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee yesterday (Monday 27 July 2020).

The meeting – which was the first held since COVID-19 lockdown – was held virtually.

Membership of a new ‘City and Area Recovery Group’ including 11 councillors was agreed. The councillors who will sit on the group are Janet Campbell, Margaret Davidson, Graham Ross, Jimmy Gray, Emma Roddick, Bill Boyd, Emma Knox, Trish Robertson, Alex Graham, Isabelle Mackenzie and Andrew Jarvie.

Depute Provost and Leader of Inverness and Area Cllr Graham Ross welcomed the creation of the new working group. He said: “The recovery of Inverness city and area from the coronavirus health emergency within the wider context of the Highland recovery is vital to the whole economy of the region. We need to make sure we are prepared to deliver locally to ensure maximum benefit.”

Minutes of the new City and Area Recovery Group will be submitted to City of Inverness Area Committee.

Members noted a presentation from the Council’s Head of Development and Regeneration that highlighted a range of short, medium and long term priorities.  Further information on these will be presented at the next City of Inverness Area Committee.

The Provost of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael thanked guest speakers at the Committee including HIE’s Rhona Fraser, Head of Strengthening Communities and Regional Development who along with Inverness City Area Manager David Haas presented an update on the Council and HIE’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Leah Ganley, the TSI Services Manager also gave members a verbal update on how the third sector has adapted and volunteers have provided a wide range of services across the area.

The Committee were unanimous in their praise and gratitude to staff council staff, staff from Eden Court and High Life Highland, partner agencies, volunteers and community groups who have pulled together to provide the humanitarian response. 

Speaking after the Committee the Provost said: “The work by so many people has been critical in making sure that the most vulnerable people in our communities have received the support they have needed since March. The speed with which the co-ordination of the highly effective response was put into place was very impressive. It has been heartening to hear just how focussed, enthusiastic and creative everyone has been in pulling together to face such challenges. It reflects true community spirit, and partnership working so I am pleased that our committee today had the chance to publicly praise and sincerely thank everyone for their terrific work and outstanding contribution. Such joined-up team work puts us in a strong position going forward.”


28 Jul 2020