Recovery Board Chair Welcomes High Life Highland Bounceback Campaign

The Chair of The Highland Council’s Recovery Board, Cllr Alasdair Christie has welcomed the actions being taken by High Life Highland to stabilise and improve their financial position and has praised their strategic business planning.

In a report presented to the Board yesterday by High Life Highland’s Chief Executive Steve Walsh he outlined the charity’s road to financial recovery after facing unprecedented challenges since the Covid-19 outbreak.

In March, High Life Highland’s projected loss of income indicated a year-end deficit in the region of £11.4 million. However, yesterday, while presenting his report to the Board, Steve Walsh explained that through extensive mitigation measures they have managed to reduce this figure down to a reasonable worst-case scenario of £1.55 million.

Speaking after yesterday’s Board meeting Councillor Christie said: “High Life Highland’s report laid out the challenges they have faced and all the work that has gone into improving their financial situation and putting them on a stronger footing going forward.  It also focussed on the strong partnership working that has taken place between the Council and the charity during the pandemic to help and support those most in need in communities across the Highlands”.

“I think it is a reflection of the astute management and commitment of staff at High Life Highland that their financial outlook has improved to such an extent. I would also like to praise all the creative hard work that has allowed the services they deliver to support the most vulnerable in our communities; youth work, adult learning and music tuition, along with support for the Council run community hubs, to continue throughout the pandemic. This close collaboration and partnership working with colleagues in the Council and other partners shows the huge effort taken to work together.

“As High Life Highland moves forward and focuses on the gradual re-opening of their facilities which is crucially important to their financial security, I am sure that they will continue to pull out all the stops to improve their position. We wish them every success with their bounceback campaign.”


25 Aug 2020