Provost welcomes Police Scotland senior appointment

At the meeting of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee today (27 August 2020), Provost of Inverness and Area Cllr Helen Carmichael welcomed the appointment of Chief Superintendent Conrad Trickett as Divisional Commander for Police Scotland’s Highland and Islands Division.

Provost Carmichael said: “Chief Superintendent George Macdonald, who was in charge of Police Scotland for the city and the Highlands has taken up a new post.

“Chief Superintendent Conrad Trickett is now in post and I will be meeting with our new Police Divisional Commander in the next few weeks to hear about the Police plan for the city and area and to discuss areas of mutual concern.

“This will allow us to progress the excellent collaborative work undertaken under Chief Superintendent Macdonald’s tenure.

“In particular, substantial progress was made in dealing with challenging behaviour in public space within the city. This has seen a significant improvement in the use and enjoyment of our city streets.

“I would like to record our thanks to Chief Superintendent Macdonald for all the work undertaken in supporting the city and area and I look forward to welcoming Mr Trickett to a future meeting of the committee in due course.”

27 Aug 2020