Move towards new 40mph speed limit to be introduced at Croy

Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee have given their approval for Council officers to begin the statutory process of introducing a new 40mph speed limit on a section of the B9006/B9091 at Croy.

Councillors have delegated officers to proceed to advertise a 40mph speed limit over a revised distance of 1300m to include the Cantraybridge Junction within the new speed limit.

Local Ward Members and the community council have been involved in discussions with the housing developer building of new houses at Croy over the last 18 months about the potential for a new speed limit at the village.

The costs of the introducing the speed limit order (new signs, markings and speed indication devices) will be met by the housing developer.

Following the advertisement of the proposed speed limit order, should there be no unresolved objections the new speed limit will be introduced. If there are any unresolved objections a report will go back to the City of Inverness Area Committee for Members’ consideration.

This move comes after concerns were raised about road safety/speeding on the section of the road where the current speed limit is 60mph.

The Highland Council will promote a road traffic order in due course.

27 Aug 2020