A to Z of Spirit of the Highlands – have your say!


Have your say in shaping the creative content within the Castle when it reopens to the public by getting online now and contributing to the Spirit:Autobiography A to Z

The Spirit:Autobiography A to Z is an opportunity for everyone with access to social media to contribute one word that captures the spirit of the Highlands for them. The word can be submitted through the Spirit of the Highlands Facebook page or the Twitter feed, and there’s no limit to the number of words you can suggest for any particular letter of the alphabet.   Links to the social media can be found on www.spiritofthehighlands.com .

Fiona Hampton, director of the Inverness Castle - Spirit of the Highlands project said:

“As well as the online A to Z,  everyone and anyone who knows and loves the Highlands is encouraged to get involved and contribute a story about what sums up the ‘Spirit of the Highlands’ for them.  These stories will then form the basis of content online and within the transformed Castle building that will encourage people to visit and to explore the Highlands and to find out more about our extraordinary and unique area. 

“Everyone who lives, visits and works in the Highlands will have an opportunity to get involved in creating the story to be told through Inverness Castle – Spirit of the Highlands. By sharing these stories, people around the world will see the incredible variety and diversity of the Highlands.  The stories can be about our past, the present and the future, and be about whatever sums up the spirit of the Highlands for you - such as environment, culture, people, daily life, work and heritage.”

Everybody has a story to tell, including you – get involved now by visiting the website and submitting your story at www.spiritofthehighlands.com.

The transformation of Inverness Castle is supported by £15 million Scottish Government and £3 million UK Government investment through the city region deal. It will create a gateway for Highland tourism, contributing to reinvigoration of tourism across the area and providing much needed investment for the industry to aid the recovery from the effects of the Covid -19 pandemic. The project will support economic growth throughout the Highland area, creating a sustainable, viable and “must-see” attraction that will celebrate the spirit of the Highlands.

The Inverness and Highland City Region deal is a joint initiative supported by up to £315m investment from the UK and Scottish governments, The Highland Council, HIE and University of the Highlands and Islands, aimed at stimulating sustainable regional economic growth.

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8 Oct 2020