Caithness Committee backs benefits of world-leading marine energy project

Members of the Caithness Committee have shown their support to the development of marine energy, especially a pioneering project that is harnessing tidal energy in the Pentland Firth and putting the north on the map as a world leader.

During today’s Committee Mr Sean Parsons from Simec Atlantis gave a presentation about the tidal energy project underway in the Pentland Firth and talked about the great support the Caithness communities have given, the potential for skilled jobs and the further supply change opportunities that can be unlocked.

Following discussions after the presentation, Councillor Karl Rosie put forward a motion that captures the Committee’s support and reflects the groundbreaking work that is underway and the potential this has for the area to be positioned as a world leader.

The motion reads -

“Caithness Area Committee recognises that the MeyGen project has positioned Caithness and Scotland as a world leader in the development and deployment of marine energy. The award winning and pioneering project has already produced more tidal stream power than anywhere else in the world, creating highly skilled jobs both direct, and throughout the supply chain.

“Caithness Members confirm their full support for the development of the project to realise its full potential in terms of tidal energy generating capacity and the establishment of the McCloud data centre creating an integrated subsea, terrestrial, data centre and renewables project to provide Scotland with world class digital infrastructure and the necessary tools to attract Hyperscale availability zone requirements.

“Caithness Area Committee further calls on Highland Council to lobby support of UK Government for a 100MW minima for tidal energy in the next CFD auction round.”

Cllr Rosie said: The value of this work came through loud and clear during our discussions. Caithness is offering a unique selling point to help address the many challenges facing energy provision. Our vision is for Caithness to be known globally as “The Energy County”.  We have an opportunity to explore more ways our workforce and businesses can benefit so I was delighted to put forward the motion”.

Chair Cllr Nicola Sinclair added: “I am delighted that the Committee has given its unanimous backing to this motion and I would like to thank Sean for his fascinating presentation and going forward our Committee looks forward to working with him and his team to make the most of every opportunity.”


22 Oct 2020
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