Public consultation now open on Highland Council revised policy for rural housing developments

Housing in the Countryside Supplementary Guidance
Housing in the Countryside Supplementary Guidance

The Highland Council is now inviting the public and interested parties to participate in shaping the guidance on how the Council will promote and determine rural housing applications across the whole of the Highlands.   

The revised draft Housing in the Countryside Supplementary Guidance (dHiCSG) was approved for consultation by the Economy and Infrastructure Committee on 2 September 2020.   

The guidance is being revised to make it clearer and more concise; and to refine the criteria for small scale housing development in the countryside. 

Full details of all the changes and how to participate can be found on the Council’s Consultation Portal, and comments should be submitted between Friday 23 October and Friday 18 December 2020.
Due to current COVID-19 limitations, the Council is unable to run any face-to-face public meetings.  Regrettably the Council is also unable to offer hard copies of the dHiCSG for public viewing.  Instead, and in accordance with the Development Plans Participation Statement, the Council has produced a short video outlining the main changes to the updated draft dHiCSG along with how to get involved. 

The video and further information about the consultation is available at
Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of the consultation should please phone the Council Service Centre between 9am to 4pm, Tuesday to Friday on 01349 886608 or email: .
Following the public consultation, an updated version of the HiCSG will be presented to the Economy and Infrastructure Committee for Councillors’ consideration for approval during 2021, prior to undertaking the final adoption process.

23 Oct 2020