Committee discusses Opportunity Cromarty Firth project

A report presented to the Highland Council’s Economy and Infrastructure today gave members an update on work on the Opportunity Cromarty Firth project. 

Although no decision is sought on the merits or otherwise of the Freeport by the Council at this point, Chair of the Committee, Cllr Trish Robertson welcomed the chance to discuss the proposals.

She said “The discussions during our meeting threw up a mixture of views and questions on both the merits and otherwise of seeking Freeport status. However, the overall goal of working with local economic partners to unlock the potential of future renewables and hydrogen related developments was broadly welcomed.  The Council is very much keeping a neutral position at this time but it was good to have the opportunity for members of our committee to give officers their feedback on the work and community engagement done to date and to raise questions and request more clarification and further information.”

The Committee agreed that officers continue to engage with Opportunity Cromarty Firth and, subject to more dialogue with the Scottish and UK Governments, continue to assess the merits or otherwise of Freeport status.

Cllr Robertson added: “When we are in a position to take a formal view on the proposals, this will be the subject of a report that with go to the full council for deliberation.”


4 Nov 2020
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