Mixed glass recycling for Highland

image of glass bottles

The Highland Council is pleased to announce that glass bottle and jar recycling is moving from segregated to mixed glass recycling. All glass banks at Recycling Points across the region are now accepting any coloured glass bottles and jars, making recycling much easier for the public.

Viridor, the Council’s glass recycling contractor, operates a state-of-the-art glass recycling facility at Newhouse in North Lanarkshire where the mixed glass will be processed. The plant accepts all coloured glass bottles and jars for processing, by sorting the mixed glass back into their original colours and rejecting any contamination.  The recycled glass material is then transformed into high quality finished products for the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries.

The facility features some of the most advanced recycling technology to be found in the world. It encompasses 15 “scientific eye” optical sorters, x-ray sorters, over 1/2km of conveyer belts and 2.5km of electrical cabling across 3 floors of processing towers. The glass recycling journey is demonstrated in this video https://bit.ly/2I3AdH3

Councillor Allan Henderson, Chair of The Highland Council’s Communities and Place welcomes the new recycling system. He said: “The Highland Council is fortunate to be able to send glass bottles and jars to this impressive facility, which removes the need for the public to colour segregate their glass.

“Mixed glass recycling is going to be of great benefit to the Council and the public. It will be much quicker and easier to recycle glass and it will improve the efficiency of collecting the material meaning we will no longer see one bank full to overflowing and another next to it partly empty. We also hope to see a reduction in the public leaving bags of glass at the Recycling Points due to one particular colour bank being full.”

He continued, “Glass can be endlessly recycled without any loss of quality – the true meaning of closed-loop recycling which supports the circular economy in Scotland.  Last year around 6000 tonnes of glass bottles and jars were collected from the 200 Recycling Points in Highland and successfully recycled.   We have an excellent track record in Highland with the public recycling their glass bottles and jars this new change can hopefully mean we can recycle even more.”

The new system of mixed glass recycling is available to use now. The public are encouraged to use all the glass banks at Recycling Points for all colours of bottles and jars. New stickers will be put on the glass banks explaining all are mixed glass recycling. The public are reminded that the glass banks are for bottles and jars: Pyrex, window glass, sheet glass etc are not accepted at the glass banks.

For further information visit www.highland.gov.ukor e-mail recycle@highland.gov.uk


9 Nov 2020