More time for food consultation feed back

The Highland Council is giving more time for people to take part in it’s draft food growing strategy – Growing Our Future.

The extension, until the 28 February, will allow outcomes from the up-coming Highland Good Food Conversation to be incorporated in the strategy. The on-line conference is for anyone who is interested in the food sector and who wants to be part of the solution including farmers, chefs, bakers, third sector workers, food poverty campaigners and members of the public.

On-line sessions will take place on 5 consecutive Mondays from 1pm – 5pm starting on Monday 11 January.

Chair of the Council’s Climate Change Working Group, Cllr Trish Robertson said: “We are developing a food growing strategy to help support and encourage more local food growing among our communities. It has become clear whilst developing the our strategy and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, that there is increasing appetite across Highland for more “grow your own” schemes and initiatives, and this consultation gives people and businesses  the opportunity to let us know if our strategy and action plan will help make that happen.”

She added: “By extending the closing date until after all the conversation sessions, it gives people more time to pass on their views and lets us gather more information on opportunities and barriers so we can be best placed to help and encourage more local food growing across our communities.”

The consultation can be found here (external link), and will be open until Sunday 28 February.

The Council’s Climate Change & Energy Team Manager Keith Masson has been part of the steering group for the Highland Good Food Conversation. He added: “The Highland Good Food Conversation is about creating a sustainable, local food system that works for the people of Highland.  We are very much hoping that the conversation will support and inspire local people to come together and take action to create a food system that is fair for all of us.”

Details on how to take part in the Conversation can be found by visiting






6 Jan 2021
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