Roads Capital Maintenance Programme discussed by Black Isle, Dingwall and Seaforth Committee

Members of the Black Isle, Dingwall and Seaforth committee had the opportunity today (Wednesday 13 January) to discuss the proposed 2021/22 Roads capital Maintenance Programme for the area which is pending confirmation of the Council’s Community and Place Committee budget allocations. 

The Community and Place Committee local allocations budget for 2021/22 has not yet been determined so the roads maintenance programme presented to the Committee today is based on the 2020/21 budget. 

As the Black Isle, Dingwall and Seaforth Area have a total of 28% of the road length in the former Ross and Cromarty area, this capital programme is based on 28% of the 2020/21 Ross and Cromarty Area Capital Budget which equates to £291,715. Members want to see further work carried out for this figure, as well as the final allocation figure when it is known, so they can be split down at ward level to give both the Black Isle Ward and the Dingwall and Seaforth Ward a budget.

Because of uncertainty regarding the actual budget and how this will be split between wards, members felt they could only agree that surfacing works approved in the 20-21 programme but not yet completed will be undertaken this financial year as winter permits.  Resurfacing works were proposed on the A832 at Muir of Ord and at the U2711 Bogallan – Allanglach Road on the Black Isle. There are a further 21 resurfacing works that have been identified as priority works but for which additional funding and further committee approval would be required. These includes resurfacing sections of the A832 at a number of locations including Cromarty, Muir of Ord, Dingwall, Tore and Munlochy; the C1071 Heights of Docherty route and the U2975 Ardnagrask Road.

Surface dressing was also proposed on the A862 at Station Road and the U3031 Riverford Crescent in Conon Bridge.  These schemes together with a further 6 projects on a list which will only be delivered if additional funding and committee approval can be secured. 

After today's meeting Committee chair, Cllr Gordon Adam said: “We have not had the opportunity at ward level to look in detail on the priority list of works nor are we in a position to know a definite figure for our budget. We have been only able to agree for the projects for which funding is confirmed to go-ahead. Further talks will take place at ward level on allocation and the priority list for other projects. Once this has taken place the decisions will be ratified as soon as possible by our Area Committee. This detailed work will take place as rapidly as possible and in the meantime officers will make arrangements for the confirmed projects to move forward.”

He added: “All local members are committed to ensuring we make the most of available resources and will continue to review and monitor progress on a regular basis.”


13 Jan 2021