Kids in Cromarty Firth Ward set to benefit from new play equipment thanks to COVID recovery funds

Chair of the Easter Ross Area Committee, Cllr Fiona Robertson
Chair of the Easter Ross Area Committee, Cllr Fiona Robertson

Children in the Cromarty Firth Ward are set to benefit from a proposal to allocate £15,000 of COVID-19 Ward Discretionary funds to support the provision of new play park equipment.

Members had previously tabled the proposal at the last meeting of the Easter Ross Area Committee and at today's Area Committee meeting they agreed to proceed.

The next steps to progress this work will include confirmation of available match funding, the type of equipment to be installed based on the available budget and consideration of ongoing maintenance.

A consultation with amenities staff and the public will also need to take place ahead of any further movement on the matter.

The proposal is in line with Highland Council’s decision on 7 January 2021, enabling Members to decide to set aside existing COVID monies for spend on projects to assist children and adults, post-COVID, such as contributing to play parks.

Chair of the Easter Ross Area Committee, Cllr Fiona Robertson, said: “We are delighted to be able to progress this proposal today, which is sure to lift the spirits of the community during what has been an extremely difficult time for everyone.

“Health and well-being are at the very centre of this proposal and anything which promotes physical activity following a period of lockdown and the ill-effects that has had on children’s mental health must surely be welcomed.”

She added: “The repurposed COVID ward funds will support communities in deprived areas and help local families to enjoy good quality play equipment."

The Cromarty Firth COVID funds balance stands at £25,670. The proposal from Cromarty Firth members included the retention of £10,000 of COVID-19 funds to allow for further support around the provision of resilience support including food. Members then proposed to allocate £15,000 to be used to support play equipment across the area.

17 Feb 2021