Public support for Spaces for People programme in Inverness

The majority public support for the Scottish Government’s Spaces for People projects in Inverness is positive according to an online survey being carried out by The Highland Council.

The aim of the Spaces for People programme is to support physical distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since 15 May 2020 an online survey has been available for public comment and remains open. Four major projects in the city have received a majority of public support according to online survey results.

When asked if people agree with the Spaces for People interventions at Inverness Castle 1-way; Academy Street; Riverside Way and Millburn Road the percentage of ‘yes/no’ answers indicating ‘yes’ was 57%, 60%, 75% and 73% accordingly. Officers continue to monitor arrangements and listen to feedback from the Public and make necessary adjustment to the Schemes.

Members of The Highland Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee were updated on the Spaces for People Programme today (18 February) and how some of the funding received by the Council is used in Inverness.

Councillors were informed how a Council infrastructure team of officers from the Project Design Unit, Area Roads Teams, and Transport Planning and Development Plans Teams are delivering and maintaining measures to ensure that people can walk, wheel or cycle, while physically distancing and remain safe from traffic.

A broad range of measures has been implemented in Inverness, from vegetation clearance and path reinstatement on key routes, to the installation of temporary bike lanes and paths in high pedestrian areas. Interventions continue to be delivered.

Members agreed to retain the four key interventions at Inverness Castle 1-way; Academy Street; Riverside Way and Millburn Road while government recommendations for physical distancing remain in place. They also agreed to the included extending Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders under Coronavirus legislation, if required.

Councillors also agreed that Council officers will develop design options for permanent street changes for Academy Street and around Inverness Castle for consideration at a future committee with the proviso that the design development process includes consultation with representatives of the City business and residential communities to include representatives from Disability Access Groups.

Members also agreed to the development of proposals for a comprehensive transport strategy in the city taking into account the likely impact of climate change and pollution on Public Health. And they agreed to effective pro-active public engagement to be introduced in parallel with the strategic study ... perhaps in conjunction with the Inverness Community Partnership.

The Spaces For People online consultation portal for Inverness interventions is at:

18 Feb 2021