Nairnshire Committee members agree future plans for two Common Good properties located at The Links, Nairn

Tom heggie

Members of the Highland Council’s Nairnshire Committee, which took place today (10 March 2021), were updated on the outcome of the consultation process undertaken for the Links Tea Room and old store, both of which currently form part of the Nairn Common Good Fund.

A public consultation, which was undertaken between 28 October 2020 and 6 January 2021, sought responses on the following proposals:

1.  Proposal to dispose, by lease, of Links Tea Room, The Links, Nairn

2. Proposal to dispose, by demolition, of the old store, The Links, Nairn and to return the use of the land to public amenity.

Of the responses addressing the Tea Room only, 11 responses were fully supportive and 3 raised issues to be responded to.  In Highland, a long lease of 10 years or more is considered to be a disposal of Common Good property.  Disposal of Common Good property, whether by long lease or demolition, triggers the requirement to conduct a public consultation.

Members agreed to the proposal for the Tea Room, which will see the creation of a long lease of 30 years to the existing tenants.  This agreement will safeguard income for the Common Good from the rental for the property and allow for future a programme of investment in the site by the tenants to the improvement and benefit of the Common Good.

Meanwhile, consideration was given to comments and suggestions received from Nairn West & Suburban Community Council relating to alternative uses and repurposing of the old store building, also located at The Links.  However, having considered the poor condition of the building, along with local opinion that it is a visual blight to the area and a target for vandalism, members agreed the proposal for its demolition.  The building, which has not been used in any significant way for some 30 years and has become dilapidated, will be demolished with landscaping carried out to return this area to public amenity land. 

However, the existing electrical supply to the building will be retained in a secure unit for use when the Shows and Fair come to Nairn.

Both disposals are now subject to the approval of the Sheriff Court being obtained.

Chair of the Nairnshire Committee, Councillor Tom Heggie, said:  “The projected rental income from the long lease of the Links Tea Room will undoubtedly provide security and a degree of certainty to the Nairn Common Good Fund over the next three decades.

“Having this financial safeguard will allow the Common Good Fund to provide further investment to the Nairnshire area, to the benefit of our communities and local residents”.


10 Mar 2021