Highland Council has appointed four dedicated COVID Compliance Officers

The Highland Council has appointed four dedicated COVID compliance officers to work throughout the Highland Council area.

Three officers are based within our Environmental Health team and one officer within Trading Standards.

A key role for the officers will be to engage with business and to assist employers in interpreting and understanding all the relevant COVID guidance which relates to their specific business sector.

As part of their role, the officers will be responsible for visiting businesses to undertake compliance checks as the restrictions are eased in the weeks and months ahead.  Where areas of non-compliance are identified the Council will work closely with businesses to ensure they comply and implement suitable steps to operate safely. 

The officers have already undertaken over 160 visits to food retailers, petrol filling stations and taxi companies since they have been appointed. The Council has been reassured to find that the vast majority of businesses have suitable COVID measures in place and have engaged fully with the officers in any advice that has been provided.

In readiness to re-open, all businesses should start to look at their workplace operations and create a plan to implement safe work practices to protect the health, safety and welfare of their staff and the public who may use their services. The easing of restrictions may present some new challenges to businesses, but it is important to ensure that all workplaces remain safe.

The Council has published 5 Top Tips for businesses to consider as they prepare to re-open. These should be read in conjunction with any sector specific guidance published by the Scot Gov.

Alan Yates, Environmental Health Manager said “The appointment of the COVID compliance officers will greatly assist our Service in continuing to engage with local businesses as the restrictions ease and help provide reassurance to the public that business within the Highlands are operating safely. They will play a key role in providing advice on the legislative requirements and COVID guidance for businesses on how they can control the risks of disease transmission and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Should any business require advice they can contact our Service for further advice on telephone 01349 886603 or email -envhealth@highland.gov.uk ."


Scot Gov Timetable for Easing Restrictions


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6 Apr 2021