Updated guidance for Close Contact Services and resources for re-opening of businesses

COVID-19 ventilation

Highland Council is alerting businesses that updated COVID-19 guidance for Close Contact Services has now been published by the Scottish Government.

This contains the latest information for people who provide close contact services such as hairdressers, barbers and beauticians on working safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidance contains a COVID-19 operational checklist for businesses. All businesses within this sector are urged to read the latest guidance and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance.

Please share these links amongst local business groups or associations for their information. Should you require any further information or advice on the latest guidance please contact our Environmental Health team on envhealth@highland.gov.uk.

There is also a host of resources available for the re-opening of businesses.

Highland Council is sharing the Scottish Government's recently published updated COVID-19 guidance for workers and employers on returning to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic - Coronavirus (COVID-19): creating and maintaining safer workplaces.

To support businesses to reopen for both staff and customers safely, the guidance includes links to a series of resources that highlight the latest guidance and regulations (April 2021) in Dropbox, together with where to find more information.

23 Apr 2021