Council committed to Infirmary Bridge repairs as soon as possible

The Highland Council would like to reassure residents and communities on both sides of the River Ness and visitors to Inverness that it is committed to making repairs to the Infirmary Bridge decking as soon as possible.

The Council understands and appreciates the frustration that people are feeling with the inconvenience of the bridge closure especially during the summer season however can give assurance that the closure is entirely for the public’s health and safety.

Since damaged decking was identified on the bridge the Council has been trying to source replacement decking materials from our original supplier which is currently out of stock. Previously, bespoke deck panels were manufactured specifically for the bridge, and now cannot be provided as the raw materials are not in stock.

Alternative options are being investigated by the Council to use different materials to provide a temporary overlay across the existing decking panels and covering this with an anti-slip coating. These materials however are similarly not available due to the widely reported national shortage on products related to construction timber and DIY brought about by the increased demand in DIY due to lockdown.

The Council apologises for the inconvenience of the Infirmary Bridge closure and gives assurance that it is actively seeking materials for the bridge repairs. As a result of the impact of COVID-19 and the high demand nationally on DIY-related products for timber decking these delays are meanwhile however, outwith the Council’s control.

The Council will update the public as soon as progress can be made on the repairs via its website and social media.

28 Jun 2021