City projects aim to provide long term resilience for businesses

The Highland Council is contacting a number of Inverness city centre stakeholders about its ongoing efforts to continue to co-ordinate a number of high profile projects underway in the city centre which are having a significant impact on the limited amount of road space available for loading, buses, and taxis.

Since the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, the Council is aware of the desire and need to maintain some loading space in Union Street for local businesses.

Buses have vacated the stops outside the former Arnotts building, and a space opposite MacCallums bar. This limits buses to one bay (out of a possible 4) on Union Street. These displaced bus stops and services will operate from Queensgate.  This will affect the taxi bays and motorcycle bay next to the Butchers on Queensgate with effect from today Monday 28 June 2021.

The Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by the limited amount of road space required to enable city centre projects to take place.

Once completed, however the cumulative effect of these projects should result in lasting benefits, and provide long term economic resilience for businesses operating in the city centre.

28 Jun 2021