Inverness school to celebrate 200-year anniversary this summer

Central School in Inverness will be celebrating their 200-year anniversary on 13 August 2021 and have already embarked on an exciting 15-month long project called Central Two Centuries to mark the special occasion.

Provost and Chair of the Inverness Area Committee, Cllr Helen Carmichael said: “I am delighted our pupils and staff members at Central School are coming together to mark a very special anniversary for the school and our community. Central is the oldest primary school in Inverness and continues to provide an excellent service to our area nearly 200 years on from when it first opened. I am excited to see the activities in place to mark the occasion and offer my congratulations and best wishes to all of our pupils on their anniversary this summer.”

The school is delighted to be working in partnership with Eden Court and High Life Highland by using creative arts to explore the history of the school and celebrate being at the heart of the Central community.

Eden Court Arts Practitioner, Jonathan Davies said: "It's been an eye-opening journey learning about Central, the pupils, the building, and the rich history of the oldest school in Inverness this term. We've relished working with Central every week since this is our return to in-school working for the Eden Court Engagement team since lockdown. We've been working closely with classes to bring in professionals to help teach, develop and get the young people confidently leading the creation of their film teaser to kick off this wonderful yearlong project.  

"We can't wait to see what stories, memories and findings are uncovered once the community learn about the project and film!"

The 5-minute film is a light-hearted and fun appeal from current pupils and staff to former attendees of the school to get in touch and to share their experiences of Central Primary. You can watch the film on the Central Two Centuries website, and this is where former pupils and staff can also share their memories by submitting their stories and pictures.

Head Teacher at Central School, Ailsa Fraser said: “We can’t wait to engage with former staff, pupils and families to hear their stories and share their memories through the project website as we celebrate everything that is central to Central School and the privilege that it is to be part of this fantastic school community.”

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30 Jun 2021