Members of the public invited to participate in consultation on proposals to link the communities of Lochloy in Nairn and the A96 retail park via the Balmakeith Industrial Estate

Highland Council, in partnership with Sustrans, is running a consultation on a proposed link between the Lochloy area of Nairn and the A96 retail park and invites members of the public to review and comment on the initial concept designs.

Concept designs have been produced for a pedestrian and cycle route to link the communities of Lochloy in Nairn and the A96 retail park via the Balmakeith Industrial Estate.  The route was identified in the Inner Moray Firth Local plan and recognised the need for a practical link for active travel to the retail park.

At present, there are a number of design issues to be overcome in providing such a facility, however the main obstacles are the bridging of the Main Line Railway from Inverness to Aberdeen and the provision of compliant ramp facilities for cyclists, wheelchair users and people pushing prams.

The Project is funded by the Highland Council via developer contributions and Transport Scotland via Sustrans and their “Places for Everyone” funding stream. 

This consultation exercise is to consider three concept designs and the views of the public. The designs are presently at concept stage which means that they have been produced and meet the Design Criteria, however are at a stage where by only Design Principles are set.  The design appearance, finishes and exact dimensions/location may change to suit future comments, concerns and design issues.

As with most projects of this type it will require Planning Consent and at that stage Highland Council will seek further consultation/comments on a more refined design.

The current plans and visualisations for the Nairn Cross Rail Link project concept designs are available here.

The public consultation is active now and will remain open until 17.00 hours on Friday, 30 July.  Comments should be submitted by e-mail to:


22 Jul 2021