Public views sought on licensing of sexual entertainment venues in Highland

The Highland Council is seeking the public’s views on the potential licensing of sexual entertainment venues (SEVs) in Highland.

Following recent legislative changes by the Scottish Government to the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, the Highland Licensing Committee now has to decide whether to licence sex entertainment venues in the region.

This new licensing regime is not mandatory, which means that the Committee has the option to decide whether to regulate activities taking place in SEVs, that fall within the meaning of sexual entertainment. If the Committee chooses to license SEVs, it must determine how many and where SEVs can operate within their area. It will also be responsible for preparing and publishing a policy statement that considers how SEVs will operate.

The public are being asked their views on:

  • Whether a licensing regime should be adopted to license and regulate SEVs?
  • What the appropriate number of SEVs in Highland should be, if SEVs were to be licensed? and
  • If the Highland Licensing Committee were to decide to pass a resolution to license SEVs, what matters should be taken into consideration in the development of an SEV policy statement.

The Highland Licensing Committee is particularly keen to hear about the impact SEVs have upon residents in relation to where they live; and upon retailers and business in areas in their immediate vicinity.

To take part in the consultation please read the document at the following link and complete the online survey at:

To ensure that all views are considered as part of the consultation exercise the deadline for responses is no later than 21 September 2021.

18 Aug 2021