Inverness Castle transformation – external lighting planning application

A planning application lodged this week with The Highland Council marks further progress in the transformation of Inverness Castle to become a tourism gateway for the Highlands.

The application is for new external lighting for the Castlehill site that will improve the visitor experience and safety, whilst illuminating the Highland capital’s architectural icon.

The proposals feature an attractive and extensive scheme of lighting built into the new landscaping design that will provide safe lighting levels to the main pedestrian routes and highlight many of the existing and newly proposed landscaping features.

Amongst other improvements, this will include discreet contemporary lighting around the statue of Flora MacDonald, illuminated bicycle stands and ambient lighting in and around public benches and planters.

Perhaps the most striking element of the proposals will be an intelligent new lighting system designed specifically to highlight the castle in the evenings. The lighting has been carefully designed to draw attention to the building’s architecture, with feature towers and castellations specifically highlighted by specialist light fittings.

The Highland Council South Planning Applications Committee approved the main planning application for the building in April 2021.

The transformation of Inverness Castle is supported by £15 million Scottish Government and £3 million UK Government investment through the Inverness and Highland City Region Deal. It will create a gateway for Highland tourism, contributing to reinvigoration of tourism across the area and providing much needed investment for the industry to aid the recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project will support economic growth throughout the Highland area, creating a sustainable, viable and “must-see” attraction that will celebrate the spirit of the Highlands.

The Inverness and Highland City Region deal is a joint initiative supported by up to £315m investment from the UK and Scottish governments, The Highland Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and University of the Highlands and Islands, aimed at stimulating sustainable regional economic growth.

18 Aug 2021